Top 5 Drones vs Humans # 10

Top 5 Drones vs Humans # 10

Just enjoy the visual and audio experience provided by the 10th episode of Drones vs Humans which Drone Compilations gladly coined a just over a year ago! Hope it serves to entertain you in a slightly hypnotic way with the music choice 🙂

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Swedish golf girl vs DJI phantom
Channel: Mirakel i Vadstena
Video Link:

Golf Ball Tags Drone

Drone Propellers Slice mans hand open bloody Yuneec Q500
Channel: Remote Chief
Video Link:

Hexacopter smashes into crowd


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  1. why the fuck woupd the bitch at the beggining of the video destroy the drone it wasnt doing nothong to her he just wanted to shoot some good video of golf playing

  2. It seems like the first clip is recorded in Sweden. In Sweden you need permission to fly drones at public places, so the owner of the drone probably wont get any compensation for the damage she did.
    I would probably do the same thing if someone had a fucking drone going behind me while i try to concentrate.

  3. I am wonder why these human alike monkey s goes angry when they see drones the title is funny to me don’t know why.

  4. Why make this video? it makes me feel so curious.why should people fly drones,crash and their money is wasted

  5. why do people think drones are evil, if there were dangerous why would they sell them at target, but don’t use them in stadiums or public parks full of dumb ignorant people who want to destroy the drone on sight, that’s just dumb

  6. So buzzing people with your noisy dangerous toy trumps someone’s right to quiet enjoyment and safety? And you’re going to shoot me if I object? What a fucked up country of stupid adolescents you call ‘great’. Here, I think, assault with a weapon (the drone). As for beating a woman, my dad used to say ‘Takes a brave man to beat up a woman half his size’ That’s sarcasm, by the way. Shoot your troubles away, what could go wrong with that, stupid?

  7. At .57 INTO the video: That DYKE Should be FORCED TO PAY FOR THAT DRONE !! It was NOT The faUlf of the Drone Pilot that this HeShe can’t Golf, and cannot tell the DIFFERENCE between a Golf Ball, and $2,000.00 Drone !! SWEDEN !! Who Wants It, and WHO NEEDS IT ?? It’s the Biggest Haven of THIEVES ON EARTH !! SWISS DYKES !! WHO BEEDS THEM ?? NO ONE !!

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