1. all of the ones I checked on were well over 800 dollars????? splash drone 0ver 800, 1295 for the air dog and 1349 for the hexo drone so where is the 500 dollar drones?????

  2. Nice recommendations, but there are a few problems:

    — The makers of Pocket Drone went out of business during May of 2015 (before your vid was posted). There’s a notice on their website, and you can’t buy a new one anymore.

    — +AirDog.com is totally awesome, but it was never priced under $500! Its lowest price on +Kickstarter was $995 (and up). It’s current pre-order price is $1295.

    — +Hexoplus Aerial Filming is also super cool. When you posted this video, there were two Kickstarter options below $499. However, it’s current pre-order price is $1349.

    I don’t know how you didn’t know that the Pocket Drone went out of business, but maybe you somehow didn’t see the notice. However, I wish you’d be more careful to post the correct prices. Remember, people aren’t always seeing when your video was made, and even then, you posted incorrect prices during that period of time. You got my hopes up that I might have some other cool affordable options, but when I saw you were featuring the more expensive Airdog (I already knew the price), it made me check the rest of your recommendations. In the future, I’d like to suggest that you double check the info you’re posting, as well as differentiating between the Crowdfunding prices, Pre-Order and/or MSRP (ie: Hexo+ is priced on Kickstarter at $299 and up, it’s Pre-Order pricing will be $1349, and it’s suggested MSRP will be $1483). If you don’t know the planned prices beyond Kickstarter, then try to contact the companies or state that you don’t know.

    You got my hopes up! (At least I’m already on board for +ZANO though! 🙂

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