Top 5 Arduino Based Exciting Drones ▶2

Top 5 Arduino Based Exciting Drones ▶2

Totaly new TOP! 5 best Arduino based Drones are in one video. These Arduino Robots are really special. SUBSCRIBE to get the third part!

5 Arduino Based Drones ▶1
5 Arduino Robot Projects ▶3
5 Arduino Robot Projects ▶2
5 Arduino Robot Projects ▶1
5 New Arduino Shields

00:00 – Micro Quadcopter
03:17 – Multicopter Uno
04:50 – Arduino Drone (Object avoidance system)
05:43 – Aerino
07:40 – Tango Drone


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  1. I’m disliking because of search tags. Are you really THAT desperate for views that you pull in people looking for instructions, or FPV footage?

  2. hey guys, what name of micro controller when you build micro quadcopter?
    plz tell me.. i am very interested. i am from indonesia

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