1. German Military Power? Power without wisdom is a disaster, everybody, but particularly Germans, should remember that. Killing is too easy, getting along is much harder, but divided, we will all fall.

  2. when usa stop making killing machines? when russia stop making nukes? when german stop making unusual weapons?
    answer for those 3
    1. if donald trump died
    2. if russia wins ww3
    3. if nazis gone

  3. how hard is it to get a metal and materials they say these cost millions of dollars a piece but then again the iPhone cost what seven hundred and you know it cost maybe what 2y to make I mean a small airport some Boeing info some info from a. few other places and I mean like why isn’t North Korea think what a pilot has to know and think about make a set of protocol to we’ll go thru the steps and to get the money build a mock up and teach a jokie how to fly and just have a display so he copy’s like it’s an AI why you hash it out…….

  4. Can you build for me a Space Shuttles in form of a cars and a planes , theres no blast firing., no lifting . only in a Normal Landing Strip. Would you build that kind of form . with two rockets on both sides.

  5. весь мир по швам трещит,а его еще и распаляют межнациональными конфликтами .политика .как видно на другой стороне планеты все тоже самое.

  6. They need to make a swarm or network of small drones that can go up and autonomously find and paint targets with lasers. Then someone could send a rocket, mortar round, or whatever at that exact location. The drones would send video feeds of the targets before and after you engage them. Also if a few drones get taken out it’s no big deal, the swarm would adjust, or even recruit other drones to then join the swarm.

  7. This list is terrible. MQ-9 as number one is a joke. Like saying the F-16 is better than f-22. RQ-170 and the secret 180 are the leading drones. Not even sure why you added camcopter pretty silly

  8. With the right protective clothing (pressurised suit, air supply and warmth) could you hide inside an MQ-9 and just come along for the ride?

  9. The U.S. Air Force, and Navy have the best drones and have been using them for a long time for getting information on the enemy and destroying ground targets. Everyone now can get a drone if they can afford it, and the government allows it.

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