How to – Kite Aerial Video

How to – Kite Aerial Video

Kite aerial video with the Fei Yutech WG wearable 3 axis gimbal. I’ve tried various ways of doing video with a kite – and I’ve been lucky to get 30 seconds of watchable video from half an hour of footage because the camera swings around so much in the gusty winds I get around home. This time I’m giving the Fei Yutech WG gimbal a run on the picavet mount and I think it’s worked beautifully.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with the gimbal. It’s very impressive the quality of video you achieved. It’s as good as these quadcoptors.

  2. That pulley on the big carabiner is a GOOD IDEA.

    I use a small plastic ‘gizmo’ which has a pully on it, and is designed to be used on a clothes line. However, I have to hold it manually. That belt clip thing looks MUCH BETTER.

  3. Hi,
    I’ve been having a bit of fun trying to develop a mount that combats the wild swinging of video KAP-ing as you describe.
    It’s been quite succesful and I think I can improve it a bit more but this just blows it away!
    I think I’ll need to get myself one of these…!
    Thanks for posting the demo.

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