1. holding the drone works, but getting the new ones that fly inside are better. the distortion apprears to be from a fish lense on another camera. i liked the speed most agents make horrible videos that are long anf boring. by the time the long shots are over you never want to see the property again. so on speed of shots well done. in the future take interedtimg shots

  2. I really found your video helpful, it has inspired me to start my real estate video service finally, but I was wondering how you price your work and do you ever include a drone in your packages. Thanks!

  3. So did you fly the drone inside the home? I can’t tell if you did or not…If not, what camera did you use indoors?

  4. at 0:35 are you still flying the drone? or is it recording without the propellers on in your hands? or maybe a different camera?

  5. Chase, you have a lot of room for improvement using drone videography for real estate. Numero uno, way too fast paced of a video slow it down and let people chill and enjoy the beautiful property they are viewing. Second, use better music and only play one audio track throughout, that music made me want to kill myself, not buy a home. Third, this goes along with the first, but stabilize your interior shots, some are way to angled and distorted there is no true flow to your videography. Lastly, try and use better transitional graphics between shots. Close with a bang! I hope this was constructive, best of luck.-Brett

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