Aerial Drone Photography and Video in Kenilworth Illinois

Aerial Drone Photography and Video in Kenilworth Illinois

Aerial Drone Photography and Video in Kenilworth Illinois 224-237-5318

The branch of videography which captures aerial shots of various subjects with the help of a camera mounted on a drone is known as dronography. The latest innovations in the realm of drone and aerial photography techniques would allow you to add a whole new dimension to your marketing. would now give a chance to all entrepreneurs of Chicagoland and Milwaukee to showcase their business in a stunning new way. We are equipped with the latest drones so as to provide you with stunning shots and videos for your advertising. Now you can offer a brand new perspective to your clients by creating the best quality videos of your event or product. Dronography would allow shots which had been impossible to capture previously and therefore it has come up as the most sought after way of advertisement and promotion of a business.

A breathtaking aerial shot of your property or facility on your website are sure to impress your clients. By making use of the latest innovations in drone technology they would help you create fantastic images and videos for your business. Entrepreneurs looking forward to a brand new form of advertisement needs to consider dronography. Drone videos and photos are a very effective way of real estate marketing. Just imagine how nice your property would look from 400 feet above the ground. A drone video is a guaranteed attention grabber and entrepreneurs in Milwaukee can use them successfully to promote their businesses. The drone cameras of sky’s the limit dronography would capture superb 4K shots which are more than steady even in strong winds. When nicely edited these footage would make your stand apart from the rest and send out a captivating message. By integrating the most interesting camera angles, superb lighting and progressive shots they would create the most compelling promotional video for your business.

The drone videos created by Sky’s the Limit Dronography have been featured on famous news channels like Daily Herald, Fox and WGN. Entrepreneurs can make use of breathtaking aerial shots of their property or facility and use them for advertisements on their website. Moreover the 4K videos captured on a drone camera can be posted on YouTube to make your business reach out to more people. In other words drone video marketing would take the media presence of your company to a whole new level. The most obvious advantage of dronography is that the camera would soar higher up in the sky for a stunning perspective. Higher perspective would make your property or facility look more spacious than they really are. Moreover it can also create amazing landscape photos.

Dave Woll the founder of Sky’s the Limit Dronography is a media professional who has been working in the industry for more than 20 years. has now made it possible for entrepreneurs in Chicagoland and Milwaukee to market their business with the help of stunning drone videos. They would also take up the responsibility of professionally editing your videos with voiceovers so that they get to rank on the first page of Google. Kenilworth is a village in Cook County, Illinois, United States, 15 miles (24 km) north of downtown Chicago. As of the 2010 census it had a population of 2,513.[1] It is the newest of the nine suburban North Shore communities bordering Lake Michigan, and is one of those developed as a planned community. Kenilworth has a reputation as being the wealthiest and the most exclusive community in the Midwest.[2] In January 2011, ranked Kenilworth as the second most affluent neighborhood in the United States, naming it “the most exclusive neighborhood in the Midwest, with estimated median household income of $247,000. Even after the housing slump the average house in Kenilworth sells for about $1 million.”[3]Kenilworth has its own public school district, with its only school being Joseph Sears School, named after the founder of the village. The district is School District 38 in Cook County, and is the fifth most expensive K-8 district in the state of Illinois in per-student spending. The school, commonly known as Sears, runs from junior kindergarten through eighth grade, with about sixty students per grade. Sears has its own gymnasium, auditorium, library, and one high-tech computer lab, in addition to a blacktop and large fields behind the school. Annual events that go on at Sears include The Eighth Grade Play, the Spelling Bee, the Geography Bee, Scamper Night (concert put-on by the Girl Scouts), and Field Day (Tigers vs. Wildcats). Most students participate in one of the school’s athletic teams, including boys and girls basketball, boys and girls volleyball, coed soccer, field hockey and coed track and field. Football and Lacrosse are also popular sports students will participate in that are run through the Kenilworth Park District.

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